Friday, July 19, 2024

About the Study

The Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) in partnership with the Tara-European Climate Foundation (ECF) has been implementing a three year-long programme (2020-2022). The main goal of the programme is to inform the policymakers and government officials about the challenges and risks of the ongoing nature of development in the power sector and thereby to influence them in undertaking necessary changes in policies, plans, and actions towards clean energy-based power generation in Bangladesh. The programme will suggest stakeholders about possible alternate pathways towards achieving clean energy. This goal will be pursued through targeted initiatives and activities, including in-depth research on critically important issues; discussion and debates with policymakers, bureaucrats, private sector, development partners, civil society organisations and academia, and raising awareness at stakeholder levels. In short, CPD aims to exegesis evidence based policies to the policymakers. CPD also aims to carry out detailed analysis of the basic power and energy related policies and issues including energy import, power distribution, clean energy based plants, etc.