Socioeconomic and Institutional Barriers for Accelerating Biogas Generation in Asia

Author: Sakib Bin Amin, Foqoruddin Al Kabir, Farhan Khan

Biogas, as a source of renewable energy, can play a crucial role in achieving a balanced, harmonious, and sustainable development, ensuring economic competitiveness and reducing the environmental degradation in Asia. However, the development of the biogas industry in Asia shows a gloomy picture due to the prevailing socioeconomic and institutional barriers. This article highlights the significant impediments behind this sluggishness in biogas diffusion, develops a dynamic model, and proposes an efficient solution mechanism for the biogas industry. The discussion of this article is expected to help policymakers implement the optimum biogas policies for the Asian countries.

Keywords: Asia; Biogas; Biogas generation; CO2 emission; Environment; Government; Institutional barriers; Municipal; Reform; Renewable energy; Rural areas; Socioeconomic barriers; Sustainability; Urban areas; Waste management

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