Draft Integrated Energy and Power Master Plan (IEPMP): Can it address the clean energy targets?

The Intregrated Energy and Power Master Plan (IEPMP) 2021 formulation process is found to be distinctive on several counts such as a comprehensive plan which accommodates energy and power-related issues, a specialised research organisation has been involved to provide technical support, and a consultative process has been followed. But there are still some preferential biases found to be in the power demand estimation method. The draft plan still has little room for renewable energy- based power generation which continues to promote fossil fuel- based power generation system and high- tech fossil fuels as the major source of energy in the coming decade. A rational demand projection for power and attaining the renewable energy target based on the demand projection will be accurate. An alternative scenario called ‘40 per cent renewable energy by 2041’ should be introduced in the IEPMP instead of promoting technology driven fossil fuel- based (especially coal and LNG- based) power generation. 



Authors: Khondaker Golam Moazzem, Helen Mashiyat Preoty, Shiyan Sadik and Moumita A Mallick

Publication Period: June 2023

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