Gas from Bhola to add to national grid by next month

    Originally posted in The Business Standard on 24 January 2023

    Natural gas from different wells of the island district Bhola is likely to be injected into the national gas transmission grid by next month, said Nasrul Hamid, state minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources

    The gas will be converted into Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and will be added to the national grid bringing it to the mainland in containers, Nasrul Hamid told reporters yesterday after the DC Conference at the capital’s Osmani Memorial Auditorium.

    Earlier on 23 October last year, Prime Minister’s Energy Adviser Dr Tawfiq-e-Elahi Chowdhury announced that 80 million cubic feet per day (mmcfd) of gas from the Bhola gas field will be added within the next two-three months.

    The plan to bring gas from Bhola, though a small volume, would be a step towards addressing the ongoing gas shortage of 800 mmcfd.

    Gas shortage had drastically affected power generation and industrial production last summer.

    Sources at the Bangladesh Oil, Gas and Mineral Resources Corporation (Petrobangla) said they have submitted a draft guideline to the Energy and Mineral Resources Division in order to execute the plan to bring the island district’s gas to the mainland.

    The Energy and Mineral Resources Division held a meeting yesterday in the secretariat, to prepare the guidelines. Initially, the division will initiate a pilot program, said sources.

    Meanwhile, a total of half a dozen local and international entrepreneurs placed their proposal to the Energy and Mineral Resources Division wishing to bring the gas from Bhola.

    The Energy and Mineral Resources Division, however, is yet to select any entrepreneur to implement the plan.

    The development came a day after the national petroleum exploration and production company (Bapex) announced the finding of gas in Bhola North-2 well.

    Bapex officials expected that they would able to produce around 20 mmcfd gas from this well.

    Currently, there are eight gas wells in Shahbazpur and Bhola gas fields with a total capacity to produce around 200 mmcfd.

    However, the production has remained limited to 80 mmcfd due to lack of demand over there.

    Gas from the island district is yet to be added to the National Grid as the gas produced there is used for local power plants and to meet local needs.