Stakeholders’ Perspectives on Key Challenges of the Power Sector

Level of Stakeholders’ Engagement in the Formulation of Master Plans

Bangladesh’s power sector is guided by the Power Sector Master Plan 2016 (PSMP 2016) which is being updated right now. The study looks into the state of the power sector during the last three master plans (PSMP 2005, PSMP 2010, PSMP 2016) to review the major issues and challenges of the sector. Three expert group meetings (EGMs) were conducted representing three stakeholder groups—government, private sector, civil society organisations (CSOs) and academia—to identify stakeholders’ views on the challenges of the power sector. Finally, the study analyses the level of stakeholders’ participation in the formulation of master plans for the power sector. It was found that the lack of coordination was the key weakness in successive PSMP formulation processes, and stakeholders’ participation was mainly limited to government agencies.

Authors: Khondaker Golam Moazzem, Abdullah Fahad, Helen Mashiyat Preoty and Shah Md. Ahsan Habib

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