Saturday, June 15, 2024

Currents of Change [Brief-01] Quarterly Brief of the Power & Energy Sector of Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s power and energy sector is dynamic, and the landscape keeps changing constantly. The government and public authorities related to the power and energy sector take initiatives, policy measures, and operational decisions regularly. So, it is crucial to keep track of the government’s decisions, measures and initiatives and monitor the implementation and progress of the measures. The recipients of government decisions and measures, particularly investors, operators, service providers and users of energy and power and community should also be informed about those actions of the government and public regulatory authorities.

This quarterly will regularly monitor the sectoral performance from the energy transition perspective. This will be carried out based on the government policy decisions and actions, current sectoral health, contemporary challenges and their short to long-term consequences in both the power and energy sector, and progress in renewable energy deployment and development. The first quarterly targets to review the sectoral performance of the power and energy sector from the lens of energy transition in Bangladesh during July-September of FY2024 (Q1, FY2024).


Authors: Khondaker Golam Moazzem, Helen Mashiyat Preoty, Jebunnesa and Faisal Quaiyyum
Publication Period: September 2023

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