Sustainable energy sources in Bangladesh: A review on present and future prospect

Author: Md. Yeasir Hasan, Minhaj Uddin Monir, Mohammad Tofayal Ahmed, Azrina Abd Aziz, Shaik Muntasir Shovon, Faysal Ahamed Akash, Mohammad Forrukh Hossain Khan, Md. Jamal Faruque, Md. Shamiul Islam Rifat, Md. Jafar Hossain, Prionti Kundu, Rafica Akter, Sohag Ali

This study represents the extension, potential, and innovations identified with the utilization of biomass assets. Besides the improvement of biogas also discussed in this paper. This paper also represents the various initiatives conducted by the government that are all relevant to biomass energy. This work further can be studied to innovate different biomass technology and to improve the quality of biogas.

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